Alumina Crucible
With 4 Production Lines & A New continuous High-Temperature Furnace of 35m Length has been built up, Production Output of Fire Assay Crucible is up to 7,000,000pcs/Year. Has perfect product research & development, production & quality control system, Cooperate With World Famous Laboratories and Barrick Gold Group Etc.with full Strategic partnership.Get Approved by ISO9001 & ISO14001, Through extensive International exchanges & cooperations, strengthen our own R & D capability, Achieving production technology & quality of Crucibles to meet World-Level.
Alumina Crucible

High-purity Alumina crucible, 99% corundum ceramic crucible specifications: 5ml 10ml 15ml 20ml 25ml 30ml 50ml 100ml 150ml 200ml-2500ml..Suitable for sample analysis and melt of laboratory metal, non-metallic materials.

Alumina crucibles'features:
1. High purity: Al2O3> 99%, good chemical corrosion resistance
2. Good temperature endurance, long-term use at 1600 °C, 1800 °C short-term
3. Good rapid thermal shock resistance, not easy to burst
4. Slip Casting with high density








Chemical ingredient 





Volume density   (g/cm2)


Apparent porosity   (%)


Bending strength   (Mpa)


Compression strength    (Mpa)


 Dielectric constant  ∑(1MHz)


 Max.service temperature   (°C)